View Full Version : Google Maps Cache - iPhone

3rd August 2008, 11:35 AM
does anyone know whether the iphone keeps maps it has downloaded?
for example if i looked at a certain map through wifi and turned 3g internet off, would i be able to see the maps?

3rd August 2008, 11:36 AM

But only what you have seen.

And only if you don't restart the iPhone, I believe.

And you can't really do much with it, so I suggest if you plan on doing this, zoom in, pinch etc to the level of detail you require and hope it remains cached the next time you view it (offline).

3rd August 2008, 03:03 PM
honestly, google maps doesn't use nearly as much bandwidth as i thought it would. I've been playing with it off and on I've used about 50mb since july11 in total. I don't have a car, so I haven't used it for live tracking... just when i'm out and about. It sometimes works on trains and trams, depends on where the satellites are i guess.