View Full Version : It is possible to get a more precise location spoting than using Maps.app

30th July 2008, 10:10 AM
Yes..yesterday I was waiting for my wife (picking her up from work)
and was parked under a bridge...i was in the city...
well..i started my maps app to see if i could get a signal..and well got but the normal 300 meters radio wide circle...
I then started G-Spot app (on the iphone again) and it located it within a 10 meters...

basically what it does is does it detects where u are and then it shoots the coordinates to the maps app.

So I was thinking that maybe the maps app is set to render the blue dot only if the accuracy is maybe less than 10 meters or a very small value...if not then render the blue 300 meter circle..

so am very certain the maps.app can become more accurate under uncertain conditions (ie being under bridges, inside buildings)