View Full Version : Buggy D-link Wireless Driver

18th April 2005, 12:06 PM
Had a problem - found a solution. I'm posting for the benefit of others.

I bought a DWL-122 USB 802.11b adapter as it was much cheaper than the Airport option. Looked high and low and bought it based on D-Link's proud claims of OS X compatability. At the time I was using Jaguar on my iBook - listed as a supported OS.

Under Jaguar with v1.0 drivers, my iBook would freeze after about 15-20mins use. Unplugging the device would unfreeze it for about 1 second, resulting in kernel panic.

I updated to Panther soon after and installed the newer v1.3.2 driver. Freezes disappeared, but every 15-30mins I would lose connection with the router. Putting the iBook to sleep then waking it up would re-establish the connection. This was barely acceptable as "OS X Compatible".

A quick google search revealed a few things:

1) Many users also had the same problem (http://www.petitiononline.com/dwl122/petition.html)

2) D-Link have discontinued this product (http://dlink.com/search/?qry=dwl-122&x=0&y=0)

3) A mysterious v1.4.7 driver (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/15997)

I assume this new driver is unofficial, as it cannot be found on the D-Link website, and it supports some non-D-Link devices.

To cut a long story short, this driver solved all my problems. My wireless adapter now functions properly - no thanks to D-Link, who still refuse to acknowledge these problems with this particular product.