View Full Version : CPU B intkae 1000RPM? Not temp for CPU B?

5th July 2008, 08:59 AM
Hello folks,

I'm having some trouble with my mac and decided to give iStat Menu a try to help give me some insight on what the system is doing. I generally use the Activity Monitor and it used to display two bars displaying the CPU load on both processors. Using a Power Mac G5 by the way, OS X 10.4.11.

So I download the iStat utility to see what it's like, and it shows the temps for CPU A, but no temps for CPU B. In the system preferences I do have the "Show multiple CPU cores as one item" unchecked. it also shows fan speeds for CPU A intake & exhaust @ ~300RPM, CPU B exhaust @ 300RPM, and CPU B intake @ 1000RPM. 1000RPM???....is that right? Also shows the drive bay @ 1002RPM.

Are the 1000RPM values right? and why no temp for CPU B?