View Full Version : Talking Calendars? Lotus Notes => iCal

3rd July 2008, 10:45 PM
Hey Hey
Work is all Lotus Notes yet I can't stand the calendar - doesn't remind me - hate the colours which I can't change and it doesn't do BING!
With the iPhone incoming, I ideally would LOVE my Lotus Notes Calendar to talk through dotmac (mobileme) which in turn syncs with my iPhone.
Anyone know if this is doable? I would rather spend a minute or two a day updating that having to enter information into the Lotus Notes Calendar to "book out my time - rooms etc" and then having to physically writing it down in an actual calendar.
Alternatively - anyone want to write me something that does this? 4 bottles of wine in it for you!

1st September 2008, 08:19 PM
I looked into this a while ago, and there was no easy/clean way to do it.

You can export your entire calendar and then import it into iCal, but that's messy.

I vaguely remember there was some way to export the LN calendar to a WebDav server...then subscribe to it from within iCal...but that didn't suit me as I didn't fancy sending sensitive meeting details over the web (even if they are password protected).

So in a nutshell...not that I know of! Don't think we'll ever see anything suitable either. :(