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30th April 2004, 05:19 PM
I have used my .Mac account to access extra audio effects from Freeplay Music. I down-loaded about 2,400 audio effects (it was 1.6 gig and took 18 hours).

My question is now that I want to have access to such sound effects for making my home movies (I realise I will only ever use a few of them) can I burn them to a DVD and then use them later when constructing my home movie? I have temporarily placed them in iTunes so that I can access them from iMovie, but I do not want them in iTunes.

I popped into a Nextbyte store this lunch time and explained my dilemma. ie. To have them listed as an audio effect I have to store them in iTunes. The guy explained that I couldn’t place them elsewhere and have iMovie access it.

Can someone help??

2nd May 2004, 01:21 PM
Since I have been mucking around this issue and I think I have resolved my problem I thought I jot down how I resolved it.

To add sound effects to the audio list on iMovie you can either place them in your iTunes library or in /library/iMovie/Sound Effects or place them on a CD/DVD if you want to save hard drive space. Noting any sound tracks must be an audio track i.e. AAC or MP3

As I had a couple of thousand sound effects I didn't want them in my iTunes and backed them up to a couple CD's.

I expect most users within AppleTalk would have already known the answer or a better one. But I thought it best a jot down my experience.

PS the reason it took me so long to figure out was the sound effects were MPEG4 and iMovie via the library solution didn't recognise it.