View Full Version : Damn that felt good.

29th April 2004, 03:50 PM
Those of you who read my LJ will know this, but anyhow...

I had just come out of class this afternoon, and i was talkin to one of my mates. Anyway, this guy gets out of his rice burner, in a company uniform and all and says hello to me. And i'm like, "Umm...hello...". Anyway, i saw him carrying a flat screen monitor towards a building, and the guy i was talking to says, "You can give that to me if you want, and then i remember who he was, and i say out loud in a sarcastic voice, "You wouldn't want that, thats an Ipex piece of junk!" (Ipex did something really evil a few years ago, some of you will know) Anyway, he says something, and then i say, "Oops, i shouldn't have said that, you'll probably f***in sue me!", And then i got on my bike and got the f**k! away, lol. But man that felt fantastic!