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6th April 2005, 06:42 PM
A dumb question I'm sure, but is it possible (hardware wise) to record from an analogue source such as an audio amp on an iMac DV? My aim is to record some dusty vinyl onto CD. I know that there is an input labelled mic; is that the same as a line-in? Is a different input voltage range expected? I've plugged two devices in to this (iPod & audio out from my amplifier) and from both have received an aural assault of 50Hz hum at a zillion decibels. I have set the sound source in the system preferences to mic / line in. I have tried recording in Audacity & Audio Recorder; both with the same effect.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Justin Vincent

6th April 2005, 07:16 PM
Should work. I digitised quite a few vinyl albums on my old G3 imac. It was a while ago, but from memory, all I did was use one of those RCA Y-cables with a stereo mini-plug adapter on the end. I came out of the left/right RCA jacs on the amplifier, and went into the mic plug on the iMac. I digitised the sound, and cleaned it up a bit where neccessary, with a program called Spin Doctor, which was bundled with Toast.
I can't explain the awful noise you are experiencing. Your levels may be way too high some where along the line, or you may have a bad cable. Test your built-in mic by recording something in Audacity. If it records ok, then there is probably nothing seriously wrong with your set up. I'd be trying a different cable for starters.

6th April 2005, 07:20 PM
It should work Re: recording using the microphone input, but due to the all-in-one nature of the iMac, I wouldn't expect fantastically good quality recordings due to the high level of interference from the internals of the Mac.

Try out Botox's suggestions, if you don't get any success, try picking up a cheap external microphone such as an iMic.


6th April 2005, 08:42 PM
Problem solved. Thanks guys, I got it to work. I'm not sure what I did this time other than bump up the input levels, but I've got it to work. The quality of the iMac audio will be fine for my Dad's crappy country LPs.

Justin Vincent