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3rd April 2005, 11:48 PM
The following tasks can help speed up your computer and fix problems among other things. I take no responsibility for any problems / damage you do while using these instructions. ie Its not my fault :P

Howto Repair Permissions - Incorrect permission settings may cause unexpected behavior. Spectre also has some great information here. (http://forums.appletalk.com.au/index.php?showtopic=5181)
Every file and folder on your hard disk has an associated set of permissions that determines who can read, write to, or execute it. It simply resets privileges to their correct values (of system related files only!). Causes of incorrect permissions include; power interruptions, hard shutdowns and restarts (when your computer in unresponsive) and programs being installed.

Open Disk Utility (In Applications>Utilties)
Select the hard drive where your OS is, and hit the "Repair Disk Permissions" button.
Wait a while (sometimes a long time depending what may need to be repaired)
Reboot, then Done!

Howto run FSCK - Fixes file system issues than can stop the computer from starting up normally
Restart your Mac holding down "the Apple key+S" key (drops you into single user mode)
Type "fsck -f", and hit return.
When done type "reboot" and return (reboots and your back into OS X).
If repairs are indicated run it again and keep running it till no repairs are indicated.

Howto Run System Maintenance Scripts - Using Terminal Rotates log files, clears tmp directories and lots of other great stuff. This usually runs in the early hours of the morning ie 1am - 6am, so if your computer is generally not turned on during this time log files etc can become quite big using more hard drive space and slowing your computer. Exactly what happens is listed here (http://neilrobinson.id.au/appletalk/sysscripts.php)
Open Terminal
To force run cron scripts, all one needs to type is "sudo periodic daily" OR "sudo periodic weekly" OR "sudo periodic monthly"
Type your password when requested.

Howto Run System Maintenance Scripts - Using a nice friendly GUI
Download "MacJanitor" ('http://personalpages.tds.net/~brian_hill/software/MacJanitor_1.2.1.dmg.sit')
Drop it onto your desktop (or wherever you want to)
Open it and click "Click to allow tasks"
Enter you password & click ok
Click "All Tasks"
Depending on how long since they where last run it takes from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.

Howto Zap / Reset PRAM
Just reboot your Mac and hold down "the Apple key+Option+P+R" while it is booting, when you hear the startup sound for the fourth time its Done!

Howto reset PMU - can fix battery issues on laptops, on desktops resets logic/motherboard to defaults.
macmate has suggested the best place for information on this is http://discussions.info.apple.com/ (http://neilrobinson.id.au/appletalk/sysscripts.php) by searching for your computer model.

Other useful utilities - as suggested by forum members
OnyX 1.5.0 (http://neilrobinson.id.au/appletalk/sysscripts.php) is a maintenance, optimization, and personalization utility.
SMARTReporter (http://neilrobinson.id.au/appletalk/sysscripts.php) is an application that verifies the SMART status of (S)ATA hard-drive(s)

If you would like anything changed / added please PM me. i would also like to thank spectre for all his input!