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13th May 2008, 11:13 PM
Hey guys. Part of this problem is fairly common, but I'm very confused mainly due to the first part of the problem.

Ok.... The first problem I am having is with my optus supplied modem from a few years ago. It's a Dlink DSL-302G Generation II, there isn't anything wrong with the modem itself, it is more of an issue with the front end page. For some stupid reason Optus thought it was a good idea to limit many options from being accessible, options that i need.


The main reason I want these other options is so that I can put the dlink into bridge mode and have my AEBSn acting as the router, rather than the opposite, which would allow me to do port forwarding and such.

Loading generic firmware into Optus-supplied DSL-302G http://faq.dlink.com.au/images/print.gif (http://faq.dlink.com.au/supportfaq/DisplayTemplate.aspx?TemplateId=35550#) Note for Optusnet clients:
- You can load generic firmware into Optus-supplied DSL-302G modem only if you are no longer an Optusnet customer.
- You may lose connectivity with Optusnet ADSL after loading the generic firmware. Optusnet only supports the customised firmware which was shipped with your modem.
- Optusnet will not provide you with warranty or support service if your modem has the generic firmware.

General Notes:
- The upgrade software will not work via USB connection.
- The upgrade software will not work on MacOS.
- The upgrade can be carried out by D-Link Warranty Department (charges apply).


Please read these instructions prior to launching the upgrade software.

Please make sure the modem is connected to the PC before running the application file. It will need to be connected via Ethernet cable (network cable). Please note that the Upgrade Utility will not work via USB connection. Do not upgrade your modem via Wireless connection, this may damage your modem. Please do not power off the modem during the upgrade.
Note that the current modem's settings will be lost, the modem will be reset to factory defaults. The Upgrade Utility will re-flash the modem with generic firmware ver.2.01B30. You will then need to load the latest available firmware.

Step 1. Download the latest available firmware for your modem from our WEB site:
http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/Download/download.aspx?product=DSL-302G&revision=REV_C&filetype=Firmware (http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/Download/download.aspx?product=DSL-302G&revision=REV_C&filetype=Firmware)
Save the firmware ("TEImage.bin") file on your computer (e.g. under "My Documents"). Do NOT try to run or open the .bin or .tfp firmware file. It will not work. You will need to load the file through the modem's interface.
Download the Upgrade Utility:
http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/Download/download.aspx?product=DSL-302G&revision=REV_C&filetype=Software (http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/Download/download.aspx?product=DSL-302G&revision=REV_C&filetype=Software)

Step 2. Make sure that your modem is connected to your computer via a Network Cable (USB connection can not be used). Launch the Firmware Update Utility ("DSL-302G_EthUpgrade.exe"). Wait until the firmware re-flash is completed.

Step 3. Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer), enter the IP address of your modem in the address bar ( and press Enter.

Step 4. Enter username (admin) and password (admin), which is the default password. Click OK to enter the web configuration for the modem.

Step 5. Click on the Admin link in the menu on the left and then the Image Upgrade. Click on the Browse button and browse to the .bin file you downloaded in Step 1. Highlight the file by clicking on it once and click Open. Click Update. It will take a few seconds for the upgrade to complete.

Step 6. After the modem reboots, close your web browser and reopen it. Enter to reconnect with the web configuration. Enter username admin and password admin. Click OK. The firmware upgrade is now complete.

Step 7. If you have problems with the web configuration at this point, unplug the power to the modem, wait 10 seconds, and plug back in. Repeat Step 6. If this did not help, perform a hard reset on the modem. To perform a hard reset, use a paperclip and press the reset button on the back of the unit THREE times (with approximately half a second interval). The lights will blink, and then stabilize. Repeat Step 6.These steps come from the Dlink website, but it says that I may not be supported by optus if I do this. I wanted to ask if through doing this I will lose my internet connection, and it won't be able to be fixed due to my support loss. I just don't want to take a risk with this.

The second part of the problem is the current inability to set up port forwarding due to me not being able to access the port forwarding options on the modem/putting the modem into bridge mode and configuring port forwarding through the AEBSn. The question I have is: Is there another way of opening a port or a way to find an unused open port that I can utilize?

Thanks in advance for any help.

13th May 2008, 11:25 PM
Add a 1 to the /pages/home.ssi or whatever the link is.

This will bring you to the default firmware.

Optus don't want you opening ports for a reason. Its called Upstream Abuse (assuming you are using torrents) but Optus don't like webservers, mail servers etc as well.

13th May 2008, 11:28 PM
So this shouldn't cause any issues with my connection?

13th May 2008, 11:37 PM
Nope, you are just accessing the normal firmware pages. From memory the Optus locking is just their to reduce you playing with it.

Of course, it depends on why you are opening the ports as to how your connection will continue to work, note my no servers, upstream abuse (ie anti-torrents) mentioned above.

14th May 2008, 12:13 AM
Getting a 501 error and I can't set up the forwarding... any ideas?

14th May 2008, 12:21 AM
Get a new modem? Sorry, but the 302G is old tech, you are probably better off keeping it as a spare and getting something newer which will allow you to do what you want easier.