View Full Version : Voixio free/cheap VOIP calls

13th May 2008, 08:06 AM
Not sure if anyone heard of Voixio, they offer free calls to any number after watching an ad or you can pay to avoid the 15-30 second ad. Their dialer is flash based so using it can be painful for PowerPC owners during the ad, Intel Macs & Wintel users will find it snappy. The call quality is reasonable as long as you have a fairly fast internet plan(1.5/384 is what I've tested it on). Calls are limited to between 7-9 minutes so don't talk too long.

Website: Voixio (http://www.voixio.com)

I haven't tried it on a 3G data plan, I'll do it on the next billing cycle as I don't want to hit the 5 GB limit and get another warning letter.