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6th May 2008, 08:48 PM
I'm having a pretty strange problem that I imagine there is a relatively straight forward answer to.

When I moved in with my girlfriend she had a SMC wireless router setup with Optus Cable plugged into it. At this stage I only had an iMac G5 which I plugged into the router with an ethernet cable.

When I got a MacBook I used wireless with the SMC but then I bought an AirPort Express to use AirTunes. For whatever reason we started using the AirPort for our wireless internet and the SMC got put on the shelf.

I bought a Beyonwiz PVR on the weekend and now I'm trying to set up a proper network so I can use it to its full potential.

Networking is never something I've known a lot about but I figure the best place to start is to get the SMC router working because it has ethernet ports in the back and the AirPort does not.

The internet works fine when I plug the cable modem into the AirPort Express. When I plug the modem and macbook into the SMC all indicators say that it's working but it isn't.

Because you need to setup the SMC with a Java interface in a web browser and I have done that. I know that my computer is connecting to the SMC. And all the lights on the modem and the SMC are also working correctly.

The problem gets more confusing when I decide to plug the modem directly into the macbook. I would imagine it would just let me use the internet. But it doesn't.

So why when I plug the AirPort back in does it work again?

Any light shed on any of this would be great. Thanks a lot.

Edit: I'm not sure if this was supposed to go in the help section or the peripherals section.
Edit 2: Got it working. Modem needed to be turned off and on again. Still don't know why it didn't need to be when it was plugged into the AirPort express.

12th May 2008, 05:50 PM
try portforward.com they have great tutes on how to network.