View Full Version : AWA University Remote - Anyone else? Got a clue?

4th May 2008, 08:38 AM
Just got an AWA IR University Remote Control from Big W... has a book full of codes to use for diff brands...

I have:

Audiosonic 68cm TV
Current model AWA cheapo DVD player
Old Sharp VCR
Modern RCA Set Top Box

The only device I've managed to get the remote to operate is the old Sharp VCR! It doesn't even work on the AWA DVD (has no code suggestions for it).

It has a "search" mode, which I guess I'll try now, but given that it's probably gonna go through the codes from 000 to 999, for 3 different devices, it could take a while.......

Any pointers anyone?

What this post used to say.....


Pretty sure I know the answer, but in case someone knows a brilliant hack...

I have an ancient (few years old now) Sharp VCR - VCH710 - and am trying to get its remote control to work my new Audiosonic 68cm tv.

I went through all of the codes in the VCR's manual (which are all single digit/button options that you hold down together with the Standby button), but none of them worked...

If/when I have the dosh I might look at a universal mote, but for now was hoping to at least confirm there was no other way to get it to work... Google hasn't been my friend on this one.

As to the second part... Audiosonic... Sansui... and Telefunken... Are they all the same (manufacturer) or what? I could find out that Audiosonic is a Kmart brand (ie rebadged I guess), but couldn't find anything telling me who is actually making them. I just figured that info might help my above quest.


4th May 2008, 10:09 AM
You could try one of the universal remotes from Go-Lo; we paid $8 or something for it.

6th June 2008, 08:13 PM
Um, refer above edited post...