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3rd May 2008, 03:41 PM
I did this http://forums.mactalk.com.au/24/48758-classic-apple-icon-leopard-menubar-2.html

and then I restarted. Now the menubar looks exactly as normal, but the rest of my computer isn't working.

Currently, out of all the programs in my dock, only three work (NetNewsWire, Growl, Stickies) and also the google notifier. Nothing else opens, not Safari, not Disk utility, not the system preferences. Whenever I try do something with the finder (open a window, open a file) it crashes and restarts the Finder.

No idea how to fix this! I'm running 10.5.2 I believe and this installing this menubar thing has been the only thing I've done that is out of the ordinary.

3rd May 2008, 03:56 PM
Try booting off your Leopard DVD and see if there are any disk errors from there.

Could you have inadvertently deleted any other files whilst replacing your menu bar?

3rd May 2008, 06:04 PM
No, definitely didn't delete any more files. So if I boot from the Leopard DVD, I can access disk utility through that can't I?

3rd May 2008, 06:17 PM
Turn off menubar transparency, see if that makes any difference.


3rd May 2008, 06:21 PM
I can't! I can't open anything up.

I'm not at home right now but I'll try fixing it through the Leopard DVD and go from there.

3rd May 2008, 06:29 PM
You've done something wrong with the installation... Just do an archive and install off you Leopard disk and you'll be set

3rd May 2008, 08:12 PM
It could potentially be a permissions problem - if you modify a system file and don't apply the correct permissions, all sorts of weird behaviour can result. Select the file in the Finder, then go to Get Info (apple+I). Down the bottom, it'll say:

Sharing & Permissions:

Then there will be a table with 3-4 entries. Report back here with what it says in that permissions table.

3rd May 2008, 08:46 PM
Navigate to the file using the install disc's Terminal.

sudo chown root SArtFile.bin

Should pretty much do it.

3rd May 2008, 08:55 PM
Or, if you don't actually know how to navigate to the file (which is likely), type in this:

sudo chown root:wheel /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreUI.framework/Resources/SArtFile.bin

Hit Return.

Then type in your admin password, and hit "Return" again. (as you type the password, nothing will happen on the screen - this is normal).

3rd May 2008, 10:16 PM
trying this out now. I run a repair in the Disk Utility which said that it was all fine. Will do the terminal thing now. If that doesn't work I'll just archive and install.

3rd May 2008, 10:24 PM
'-bash: sudo: command not found'

I guess that isn't good. Looking around it looks as though I'm missing something in my installation that allows the sudo command.

3rd May 2008, 10:34 PM
Erm.... sudo not being there is a bit of a concern. Are you doing this in single user mode, or from the Leopard Install DVD Terminal app?

3rd May 2008, 10:38 PM
from the leopard dvd terminal.

3rd May 2008, 10:40 PM
Ah, on the dvd mightn't need sudo. I think the DVD only has a Root user.

I'm curious to see how this works out. Should it work I am definitely changing my menu bar.

3rd May 2008, 10:43 PM
I did run it though just doing 'chown' followed by /System/... which did something. I didn't record it but it didn't ask for a password or anything afterwards. If I put in root:wheel it comes up with a different error.

3rd May 2008, 11:46 PM
Yarrr it killed my Leopard as well, cannot not even boot off the Leopard DVD? Ah well, there is always a risk when playing around in system files.

Put my Tiger HD back into the MacBook and tried a permisson on the Leopard HD in external case and it just hung, will just re-install tomorrow, weird, followed the instructions to a tee... :confused:

3rd May 2008, 11:50 PM
I decided that I needed a reinstall anyway. Currently archiving + reinstalling!

4th May 2008, 12:28 AM
Posting from fixed mac! Thanks for the help guys :)

4th May 2008, 04:31 PM
I am back up as well :) Did not need to do a re-install in the end, as I had Leopard on external disk, just restored the file I had changed it worked again. :thumbup: