View Full Version : USB probs w/ XBeat / TEG / Sigmatel

30th March 2005, 05:57 PM
I've got two portable Macs, a 400Mhz PB running 10.3.4, & a 366Mhz iBook running 10.3.8. I also have this MP3 player which plugs into the USB port. On the PB, it gets detected, and I can access the drive just like any other USB media. The system profiler shows it as a "Digital MP300F Audio Player". The iBook works with various other USB devices, but doesn't show anything at all for the MP3 player.
The MP3 device is distributed in Australia by a company called Xbeat, and they don't offer any Mac driver downloads. It's made by TEG, and is in fact a MP318F with a Sigmatel controller (I pulled it to bits to find out). Neither of these companies provide Mac drivers either. Apparently TEG make stacks of generic MP3 players for rebranding and promotional use, and are quite common.
As the PB & iBook seem to share a similar USB controller (according to System Profiler), I assume it is a software issue. I have had the PB forever, and it has had lots of different USB devices added & removed over the years, probably one of these providing the driver allowing access to the device.
The question I have is: How do I tell which driver/extension is loaded when I plug in the device into the PB, and is there a way of figuring out where the system got it from, so I can install it on the iBook?