View Full Version : How long before I can disconnect?

24th April 2004, 11:07 AM
So. I think I have just transferred a heap of songs to my pod for the first time. But the screen has been saying "do not disconnect" for ages and ages and ages. What's happening? have i done something wrong? When I try to eject it says, "ipod cannot be disconnected as it, ......files in use by other applications" What is that?. Help i am getting very anxious..... :unsure:

24th April 2004, 12:30 PM
Drag the iPod icon on the desktop to the trash, then the "Do not disconnect" logo on the iPod should disappear and you can unplug it.

rice mac
24th April 2004, 12:43 PM
You haven't mentioned what operating system and music management software you are using, I am going to assume it is iTunes and Mac OS X.

You have to manually eject the iPod from your desktop. Drag the iPod icon from your desktop to the trash can. Another option is to hold the ctrl key and click on the iPod icon - this will bring up a contextual menu with the option to eject the iPod. If you are using a non-Apple multi button mouse then just right click and you can get the contextual menu.

In iTunes, on the bottom right corner, there is a button with the eject symbol - hit it!.

Your iPod has been set to manually manage songs and laylists. This means that you have to drag the songs onto the iPod and after finishing, unmount (disconnect) the iPod from your desktop.
You can set the iPod to automatically update and unmount from your computer by changing the preferences in iTunes. To access this, there is a button, also, in the bottom right hand corner of the iTunes window. You can enable 'disk mode' in here, which allows you to use the iPod as an hard drive for file storage.