View Full Version : SuperDrive Upgrade - Where to get a UJ-845 ?

29th March 2005, 05:03 PM
Does anyone know where to source a Matshita/Panasonic UJ-845 Superdrive. This is the drive that is available in current model PB's. I have checked most Aus based on line outlets, can find Pioneer but no Matshita drives. Google not much help on this one either. Am thinking about sourcing from USA.
Xlr8yourmac drive database lists problems with the Pioneer drive compatibility, Matshita fine.
Am upgrading from a combo drive in my nearly 1yo PB.
Any suggested sources would be appreciated.

29th March 2005, 05:12 PM
try "apple" or "computer world"


6th September 2005, 10:37 AM
I can close this old thread out now myself.
Back in March/April a Google search for UJ-845 didn't return much, but now it pulls a lot of matches.
I kept looking after the original post but found no Australian sources. Panasonic's Aus. web site today still lists the UJ-825 and the CW-8123 as the current offerings. - The CW-8123 is the model I am upgrading from in my 16 month old PB G4 15 inch.
Xlr8yourmac drive database indicated problems with Pioneer drives not being set to master in firmware, and being unusable, so I decided to stick with the Matshita (Panasonic) brand used by Apple in the PB's.
The UJ-845 is a 24xCD-R 16xCD-RW, DVD 8x +/- R 4x+/- RW and 3xDVD-RAM drive. The superdrive available when I bought my PB was 4x and had crippled CD burning speeds, so I downgraded to the CD RW / DVD ROM as CD burning was more essential, and I knew an upgrade would soon improve things.
I eventually mail ordered a UJ-845 Master from Ultradrives.com in California, for about $175 AUD. However, upon arrival discovered that is was not a master and was set to Cable Select, showing up as a slave (unit 1) in Apple system Profiler. The drive was fully functional, but would not boot with the C key. It would boot with the option key, then select the DVD drive from the list of available systems, but this won't help you if your System on the HD is screwed, as the machine starts to boot from the HD before offering you the option to select a different system.
Ultradrives were very good to deal with and managed to get Panasonic to release the firmware so I could reset it to a Master. They had a whole batch of misconfigured drives to deal with, apart from the first one they sold to me on the other side of the planet.
The only problem was that the firmware tools are all dos or windows based, and don't work with virtual PC, so I had to remove the drive into a PC laptop to change the firmware setting. Pulling a new PB down is much more work than my old G3 Bronze was, (22 screws out to get inside!) but I now have a Master (unit 0 in System Profiler) set drive that boots from the C key.

DVD burning using 8x +or- media delivers at an average 4x speed, with only bursts of 8x writing during the whole burn. DVD RW deliver at the rated 4x speed. I've used several media brands, Imation, TDK and Verbatim, but so far they all appear to perform about the same. I've also tried a TDK DVD-RAM disk. Think of it as a 4.7G floppy or Zip disk. You can write, erase or overwrite individual files by dragging in the Finder, but also has the greater data security offered by optical drives compared to magnetic floppy media types.

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