View Full Version : MBA and internet 'lag'

20th April 2008, 11:39 AM
Hi guys -

Some help needed here! I've had the fabulous new MBA since early March - and I love it.

Except . . . . since around the time I installed Safari 3.1 two weeks ago (along with a few other updates at the same time), I've noticed a lag when I (i) link to a new site or (ii) 'get mail' on Mail. The lag is anywhere between 6 - 20 secs. Once it 'kicks in', the speeds seem normal. Also, once I'm at a site, say, MacTalk, other pages from that site load quickly, even if they've not been viewed earlier.

Some observations:
1. This is not happening on any of the other 4 computers I use (Macbook, iMac Alu, 2 x G5 iMac) in the office;
2. It happens on this MBA when using other wifi internet connections as well (i.e., when I'm out of town at a hotel;
3. I've installed Safari 3.1.1. No luck. I've reset Safari - emptied cache etc. No luck. Also, the same thing occurs when I use Firefox.
4. When I open Activity Monitor to see what happens in Network Activity during the 'lag time', a function called 'windowserver' kicks in and seems to dominate during that time. Also, 'kernel_task' also appears active.

Any clues? Failing some good advice here, I'm about to scrub the harddrive and do a reinstall from scratch. It's not mission critical, but it's bloody annoying!