View Full Version : Remote Control via Mail App

18th April 2008, 01:20 AM
While I was on holidays recently I desperately would have liked to be able to access my Mac and intervened to rescue wayward apps or whatever.

Mail can run an Apple Script on receiving a certain type of mail, as per its rules tests.

So a specially encoded subject line or special string of characters in the text could trigger a certain action, for example.

Real remote access would be ideal but I figure that so long as I am very careful with making the "rules" very unique and obscure then a limited form of prearranged access can be obtained via Mail.

Would I be leaving myself open to a major security risk? Bearing in mind I would be doing this while overseas using borrowed Windows computers of dubious pedigree and almost certainly running hacked copies of Windows. That's Asia for you...

Here's an example. I had photos of some friends who are in a rock group and they wanted to see. But the photos were in Australia. I could have emailed the request home. Script reduces the file size to 250KB per photo, puts the photos into an email and emails myself. Now a short time after sending the email to myself in Australia I log in to my ISP's POP email mechanism and grab the photos I sent to myself.

I could also reload an iPod this way too.

Or instantly transfer photos or the tracks off a CD I just purchased into my relevant library at home. Or ask my computer: should I buy this CD - do I already own those songs?

For the paranoid: Again I'm away on holidays. My Mac gets woken by keyboard activity - so a photo (iSight) is taken and emailed to me. Several more photos are taken at 5 second intervals for a few minutes and then at 30 second intervals after that for 30 minutes. All emailed one by one. For the ultimately paranoid about house breakins: and my computer tells the other computers in the house to begin snapping too!

Has anyone tried doing anything like this in Mail? The way I see it it is quite possible. So long as you know your way around Automator or Apple Script there is no limit.