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27th March 2005, 04:30 PM
Howdy ya'll.

Was going to ask about what powerbook would be good for me to buy, but after reading the thread started by Cynicat below, had most my Q's answered - ideally seems I should source a Pismo.

Basically I've just joined the throng of useless people who spend their lives at university campuses... and am looking to go mobile and wireless.

Last year I bought an eMac 1.25Ghz superdrive, which was my first foray into the "new Mac" scene since the 90's. Now I'm back into the 2nd hand market, as there's no way no how I can afford a new powerbook.

My budget is around $500 MAX. But for that, I need to have a fully functional machine to my door... inc postage, a good working battery, and airport card.

I've been watching eBay... and was thinking to buy any G3 powerbook (except a 233Mhz, as heard they were bad due to no/poor L2 cache)... but now I'm not sure if the Airport card will fit in the earlier G3 powerbooks...?? And the battery issue is heating up, as a lot of the machines available seem to mention bad batteries...

Will the Airport fit all G3 pbs? Unless stated as new, will a 5 year old battery be any good?



29th March 2005, 10:45 PM

Not all g3 powerbooks have an airport slot - in fact, a lot of the earlier ones don't. I'm pretty sure the only G3 Powerbook that does allow airort is the one with firewire ports (aka the Pismo).

Note also that all iBooks (including all the clamshell ones) have airport expansion capabilities. so you might find something in your price range in an iBook...