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11th April 2008, 07:23 PM

Yes, I'm a ludite quite happily trying to use outdated software, and now wishing to KILL Firefox 2 for what it has done to Firefox 1.7.

I was trying to view a Nasa webpage, and it kept complaining I was using an old browser, so I opened up Firefox 2, which told me it had previously downloaded an update (Firefox update, not add ons) and wanted to relaunch. I agreed.

I viewed the Nasa pages... then quit, and returned to Firefox 1.7. But, now it will not play YouTube videos - claims I need the latest Flash player - which I downloaded, but made no difference.

What the hell did Firefox 2 do to me??? How do I undo it and get YouTube working again?

Running Firefox 2 on my eMac makes other apps run really slowly. I add this paragraph for those who were thinking of saying - Yes, but Firefox 2 is better... (No, it isn't in my situation)

Cheers and thanks


Per Mozilla's website, YouTube have made some kind of change that now means that their site does not support Firefox 1.07.

As you may tell from the above struck post, I'm not real thrilled as v1.07 is better for my needs than any of the newer versions. See posts on Page 2 following this arguement.


Tragedy averted. Look away. YouTube resolved the conflict, working again now.

The Architect.mac
11th April 2008, 07:26 PM
try firefox 3...

11th April 2008, 08:01 PM
try firefox 3...
+1 its good

11th April 2008, 10:37 PM
But is it good on a 1.25GHz G4?

11th April 2008, 10:49 PM
I use a G4 700 MHz iMac (now six years old), and it runs Firefox 2 and Safari 3.1 quite happily. All sites seem to work OK with both, including Youtube. Is there something about the iMac that an eMac is missing?

11th April 2008, 10:56 PM
Well I cracked it, and just deleted every system based file that related to Firefox (after backing up my bookmarks... doh for cookies). I then deleted Firefox 2, and restarted Firefox 1.

After re importing my bookmarks... I then went to YouTube... and it STILL says that I am either not running the current Adobe Flash - which I am, or have JavaScript turned off - which I don't.

*beats head against a wall*


OH for f's sake...

I just tried visiting my YouTube home page, which has a video imbedded in it. IT played fine (well, a bit jumpy). I then clicked on one of my other videos, which took me to its own page - and then got the same warning as above... sheesh.


Safari still runs YouTube fine... Even Netscape Navigator 9 does.

11th April 2008, 11:02 PM
Give up and switch to Opera.

I've still got Firefox 1.0.8 lurking on my G4, and it's much much faster than FF2 (and the latest FF3 beta is like sticking a popsicle up a snake's arse) ... but Opera is still nice and speedy.

Firefox suffers opensource cancer and should be nuked from orbit. I'd sooner use IE8.

11th April 2008, 11:07 PM
That's what was pissing me off - FF2 couldn't even scroll nicely for me. Firefox 1.0.7 has kept me happy... it's dated about right for my eMac...

Netscape suffered the same problem - started getting way too complicated and then sooo sluggish.

12th April 2008, 12:25 AM
EDITED 12/4 @ 0500

Backup your profile folder then do a complete uninstall of ALL versions of FF including the profile folder, FF folders & files.

Now go here to get the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller (http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/) for Mac OS X.

Now goto Disk Utility and Repair Permissions. Apparently there has been reported some problems with installing new versions of Flash Player on top of previous versions.

Then reinstall FF2. Create a new profile. Then reinstall the contents only of the old profile folder. Or you could be more drastic and only reinstall your bookmarks and password files into the new profile folder. Then reinstall any add-ons and themes etc.

Now return to Adobe to get the latest version of Flash Player.

Now do another Repair Permissions.

You could try AppZapper (http://www.appzapper.com/) to do the uninstall - it will find all FF components. You can also use it to uninstall Flash Player. You get 5 free Zapps before you have to purchase.

12th April 2008, 10:48 PM
Thanks for the tips guys...

I just found a site with old versions of FF available... so got a fresh instal of 1.07 (and grabbed 1.5 to try it out as well).

I ZAPPED the old FF using AppZapper (it wouldn't kill Flash, so I did a search and killed all Flash files I could find), then reinstalled FF 1.07, and reinstalled Flash (9,0,124,0).

BUT it still wont show me YouTube videos in their natural state (ie when you go to a YouTube video's page, it says Flash player is not up to date, or javascript is disabled).

What the F is going on???

12th April 2008, 10:58 PM
try firefox 3...

I know you might have thought that was a joke but I'd give it a go. The new beta 5 of firefox 3 is noticeably faster than 2 was.

13th April 2008, 12:32 AM
Try turning FF's pop up blocker off or allow the pop up blocker to access those sites.

Question: why do you insist upon using old versions??

13th April 2008, 01:48 AM
OK - did some research for you and came up with this answer from Mozilla boards.

Edited version of Mozilla Firefox Release Notes (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/
Mac OS X
On OS X 10.5 (Leopard), there are known problems with some media plugins as well as Add-ons that contain binary components.
Some users have reported problems viewing Macromedia Flash content on Intel Mac computers. To work around this problem, users can remove or move the PowerPC version of "Flash Player Enabler.plugin from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins.
After installing a new plug-in, Firefox may continue to display information for the older version of the plug-in in about plugins. If this happens, quit Firefox, delete the "pluginreg.dat" file from your profile folder (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder), and relaunch Firefox.
Here are some other problem solving links I dug up:

The video won't play?what's wrong? + Video (http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=56115)

Flash install problems - how to fix Flash player installation problems such as the Youtube error - Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. (http://www.softwarepatch.com/network-security/flashdownload-security.html)

How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14157&sliceId=1)

P.S. I am having a slow night shift at work tonight :)

Good Luck

13th April 2008, 07:58 AM
I've "fixed it" by using v1.5... which at least still seems about as fast as 1.07 and operates similarly...

v2 just seems to slow my eMac down a lot. Also don't like a few other things about its interface.

13th April 2008, 11:50 PM
The only problem with using old versions is that it does not have all the security loop hole fixes/updates or the latest pop up blocker technology.

As far as the interface goes I agree with you and I use an interface theme by Mostly Crystal (http://www.tom-cat.com/mozilla/). Though she does not support Mac OS it still works.

13th April 2008, 11:57 PM
But is it good on a 1.25GHz G4?

thats what i'm using it on.
Runs really well especially the Beta 5 update released a few days ago.

14th April 2008, 08:10 PM
Ok, ok... I give in...

FF1.5 had just as many annoying bits as FF2 anyway, so I've given in.

I am now running FF3b5.

Pretty interface...

Not convinced it's faster...

14th April 2008, 09:53 PM
Ok, for example...

A new window is being created by Firefox... I grab it and move it where I want it to appear before it's finished rendering - and suddenly the window jumps and reappears elsewhere...

What's with that? I noticed it in 1.5, but also now in 3b5.

15th April 2008, 08:56 PM
Ok purana - you're right, shouldn't have started a new thread (http://forums.mactalk.com.au/13/47881-what-i-dont-like-about-firefox-post-v1-07-rant.html#post483240) to have my rant. I'll just continue here.

Firefox 1.07 - startup time - 3 seconds
Firefox 3b5 - startup time - 10 seconds

Firefox 1.07 - time to load Mactalk - 3 seconds
Firefox 3b5 - time to load Mactalk - 5 seconds

Both performed on my eMac 1.25GHz, 1GB RAM.

Yes, it may be considered unfair to use a beta program, but people have been calling it "quick".

And purana, yes, I visited Firefox's feedback page and gave them both barrels. Now time for YouTube...

18th April 2008, 02:20 PM
YouTube's people replied to my query about Firefox 1.07 yesterday, saying it was a known problem, and they were working on a fix.

Today everything is working again. So I can calm down and stop taking so much valium.