View Full Version : Water-proof laptop bags?

25th March 2005, 03:55 PM
Hi guys

Ive recently started cycling to uni and with the wet weather coming up Im looking for a new backpack just in case i get caught out in the rain. Ive been looking at STM and Crumpler backpacks to carry my ibook which currently resides in a home made sleeve inside my dying backpack. Both listed as 'water-resistant' but I was just wondering if anyone out there who actually had one could tell me how 'water-resistant' these bags were? I most probaly wont be riding to uni on days with heavy rain (sitting in lectures in wet cloths isnt fun) but i just want to safe on the days where I might get caught in an unexpected shower on my way home.


25th March 2005, 04:01 PM
My Crumpler bag does keep showers out... the exterior of the bag cloth does get wet, but the lining keeps any rain out. :) Also, there is an extra layer of protection, as my powerbook is in its own removable sleeve inside the bag and this itself is waterproof too. :) so there is a lot of protection.

I have the "Base Toucher" bag, and it has always kept my stuff dry, even in fairly heavy showers which completely drench the bag. Also, I washed the bag the other day (the outside got all dirty from 6 months use) and under 15 minutes of scrubbing with soap, and constant waterflow, the interior still didn't get wet.

Also, its funky that they can be scrubbed clean: its a cool fabric which they are made out of. :)

25th March 2005, 04:39 PM
Most bags should have some sort of plastic lining inside - does the trick for rain.
What you really want to worry about is water getting in through openings, zips, etc.

I use a Rusty bag I got from a surf shop. Made out of some sort of black vinyl, keeps water out. I've added a neoprene sleeve for extra protection (and it looks cool too).
Bag was $30 on sale, Sleeve was $10 from Smiggle (1 size only, so I had to modify it to make it smaller).

30th March 2005, 03:52 PM
I went looking for bags today and after looking at the STM bags at Digi-life which started @ $129 I ended up going to Myer and getting a High Sierra 'Access' day pack. I ended up getting it for $55 (from $80) as Myer had 30% off and its bigger than the STM Sports back pack i looked at, has better padding and straps, is made out of heavier material, has a million and one pockets for everything you can think of and has a handy hidden compartment complete with water proof cover for the back-pack to keep water out off the zips/headphone port etc... I highly recommend this bag to anyone who likes to take their laptop out into the great outdoors..