View Full Version : Turret Wars MP 1.1 Released

1st April 2008, 02:36 PM
Sector3 have released Turret Wars MP v1.1 (http://games.sector3.com.au/tw_mp.aspx), an update to our multi-player, peer to peer network battle game.

What's new in v1.1 ?

Added New Ranks Page (Full Version Only)
Added full High Score filtering (Full version only)
Added CPU % Utilization Capping (in Game Options)
Added CPU/Human Player list in game
Added Scaling Sheild numbers based on difficulty
Added No Timer option for networked games
Added Turret identification on direct hits
Updated user manual
Many audio bug fixes and changes
Many bug fixes and performance improvements


There is a demo available (http://games.sector3.com.au/tw_mp_demo.aspx) that is limited to one environment, one turret type, up to 9 CPU enemies and up to 1 human enemy.