View Full Version : G4 Sound card suggestions? - req for studio use

24th March 2005, 09:43 AM
gday guys. thanks for having me as part of the forums. thought i'd use my first post to pick a few brains out there..

my situation is this - i have a mac g4 running osx 10.3.something. hdd of 80gb and ram 512mb. soundcard is just the standard card that comes with the g4.

i am currently running cubase sx and have been recording various musical instruments thru a mixer and into the standard mic input on the mac.

the problem is that this method is no longer cutting it as the quality of the samples i am recording is noticably poor and all my recordings produce a hiss or quiet level of white noise that is easily audible, especially on studio monitors. adding to my woes is the fact that when i use the outboard finalizer to fatten up the sounds and finalize/compress etc the white noise on my samples is also being amped up so it becomes even worse.

can anybody recommend a decent, reasonably priced (!) sound card that will handle slightly advanced studio use and give me a better sample rec quality ? spare time is too valuable to waste battling eq's to eliminate hiss!!

thanks in advance,


24th March 2005, 09:59 AM
M-AUDIO Revolution 5.1

around $250

24th March 2005, 10:09 AM
something doesn't sound right there to me...
I'm almost positive that it wouldn't be your soundcard. I've used (for many a year) a G3 B&W tower with the standard soundcard and have not experienced much hiss at all.

I suggest you check all your cables, and if you're using analogue equipment, you should check that, as it is 10x more likely to produce hiss than digital equipment (ie. your soundcard) is going to.

With your soundcard, is the line socket a little lose? This I have also experienced causing problems with sound quality.

In my experience, low sound quality as a result of the soundcard as been: dull sound & buzz, but never hiss, I've only experienced this with analogue outboard gear.

Give it a look, do some trial and error with your outboard gear.