View Full Version : Delete Previous Systems folder?

26th March 2008, 01:35 PM
Hey MacTalkers,
I recently reinstalled Leopard on the (not-so) trusty PowerBook using the Archive and Install technique. As the installation of Leopard takes 11GB, I'm now a bit desperate for disk space (7GB available).

What would happen if I deleted the 'Previous Systems' folder?


26th March 2008, 02:36 PM
Nothing at all, really.

Just make sure that there's nothing still lurking about in the Previous System folder that you may want, and that all of your apps are working perfectly. Once you're happy, delete it.

26th March 2008, 03:59 PM
You can prolly get another 3gigs back by trashing all your printer drivers and reinstalling the latest ones from your manufacturers website.

26th March 2008, 07:48 PM
Okay guys, thanks!

I'll just test-run all my applications and maybe have a look at the printer drivers.

Thanks again!