View Full Version : G3 iBook 300 HD upgrade

17th April 2004, 04:04 PM
My iBook G3 300 currently has an Ultra ATA/IDE 2.5" 6GB HD. I would like to jump that to at least 20GB HD.
Firstly, is it possible for a simpleton to manage?
Secondly, is there anything special about a HD for the unit?
e.g just saw one on eBay but it is Toshiba 20GB Ultra ATA/IDC with 44 pins.
How many pins is the iBook HD?
What is IDC?
Looks like lots of traps and hard to find specific details, even in the specs.
Would it be simpler to buy an external and if so, can it boot?
Hope someone has an idea or two.

17th April 2004, 05:28 PM
Early G3's had a problem in that they could only support 500mA HDD's, and anything higher would not work. I'm not sure this is a problem on the iBooks, but I know it is on my 233 PowerBook.

Other than that, I suggest taking the HDD out and finding something with similar specs. It will have stuff written on the sticker of the HDD, just match it and you should be fine. Getting to the HDD is fairly easy from memory, just remove the keyboard, and the heatsink and I think that's it.