View Full Version : Quicktime - Export to... (iMovie, iDVD)?

11th March 2008, 07:37 AM
Looking for help from the Quicktime/iMovie/iDVD brains trusts around here.

I have a http://www.theflip.com/ that creates AVIs that Quicktime will open and play, but iMovie/iDVD will not, I see there are plenty of pre-set options in Quicktime to share for email/Web/iPhone, etc.

So my questions is what would you consider to be a good pre-set or starting point setting for Quicktime to export to iMovie/iDVD.

I understand that settings might need to be adjusted further for best results, but if you could add a "Export to... (iMovie, iDVD)" menu to Quicktime what setting would you start with?


11th March 2008, 08:04 AM
Use DV stream... I think.

iMovie uses DV format, (Digital Video). Most camcorders (well, before all these hard drive/etc forms arrived) use either MiniDV or DV.

I'm assuming that DV Stream will be equivelant... Give it a try.

From what I understand iMovie converts whatever formats it Does recognise into DV anyway (?).