View Full Version : copying iphoto images across network using automator?

6th March 2008, 10:35 AM

Is there any way to get automator to copy iphoto images from one library to another (across a network). I'm sure I could get automator to copy over the whole iphoto library or a number of images which I manually select. What I need to do though is have automator set to automatically move all or any new images over to another library - without removing any existing (non-duplicated) images from the iphoto library it is copying to. Does this make sense?

It might be better if I explain the scenario. I have teachers using 10.5 Macbooks basically as stand-alone machines - they can see the network, print, access internet etc but do not log into their network account. They want to be able to put photos onto their macbooks, but also access them across the network. (Having them on their macbook account and on their network account also makes for a nice back-up solution) I know that even if I tell them to only ever upload photos onto their macbook - eventually someone will go and upload photos on a network machine - if I set automator to simply replace the whole iphoto libary on the network, these photos will then be trashed.

The network machines are 10.4.11 by the way - if this matters?

Anyone got an intimate knowledge of Automator that can tell me how to make a workflow for this? I know I can use ical to make it run automaitcally...that bit I know!