View Full Version : Safari/Keychain Won't Remeber HTTP Auth Details

17th March 2005, 03:56 PM

I've had my first ever Mac for a few weeks now, OS X 10.3. I'm quite enjoying Safari, not sure if I like the rendering engine better than Gecko, but I definitely like the way it looks and the Mac OS X integration.

My one gripe with it is that it won't remember my HTTP Auth details. It's really annoying because I use a particular restricted site a lot.

On my first ever login I was prompted for my details, which I provided and checked remember this password before continuing. Keychain remembers this password as type Internet passwsord and the URL it displays is https://www.example.com, although the directory with the restriction on it is https://www.example.com/secret. The username and password are stored correctly if I choose to display them.

So after working for five minutes or so in https://www.example.com/secret/someApplication and a bit in https://www.example.com/secret/otherApplication2, I hit a link and the login box appears again telling me I have to login. The username is supplied correctly from Keychain but the password field is blank and the Remember... box us unticked. If I Quit the browser and start over, hitting https://www.example.com/secret I'm logged in automatically, but after a few more minutes, I'm prompted to login again. I can't find anything that triggers this other than time.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? The server is Apache 2 with digest authentication. Apart from this one niggle, other Keychain stuff works fine, remember web forms and other application passwords... I don't get it. I've tried fiddling with Keychain in various ways (changing the URI, messing with the password) but I can't fix the problem. Help?