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18th February 2008, 11:33 PM
I bought my mac pro in may last year, and did not get applecare...

just checking my serial number on apples tech support section, it says i'm covered to feb 28th 2010...

I'm pretty sure that's false, but i don't get it...

anyone got any ideas?

18th February 2008, 11:36 PM
Did you buy it brand new or did you buy it second hand?

If new: you should only get 1 year limited warranty unless you bought AppleCare on top (but you said you didn't).

If it says Feb 28, 2010, then that machine must've been purchased on Feb 28, 2007 with AppleCare (2007-2008 is free, 09-10 is the additional AppleCare). Otherwise it doesn't make sense, because Feb 28, 2008 is not here yet.

I think Apple just made a mistake and that you should contact them, provide them with your original receipt/invoice and they will sort it out to get the proper date and warranty periods. Then you can buy AppleCare within a year if you decide to.

Look here:
Update Your Purchase Date Information