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10th February 2008, 10:37 AM
Hi all

just wanted your thoughts on this error message.

As you may know it is caused when you try and then abort an XP install on a macintel, and then try and reboot - the system somehow wants to go into windows.

Here is the chain of events for my error and how I resolved it:

1) followed bootcamp instructions to assign a 10gb partition on the macbook for xp
2) realised during the XP install that my cd was an upgrade and therefore I had to insert the previous windows OS - which is on another cd.
3) realised that the bootcamp/xp installer process disabled eject button on the macbook so no way to get the xp disk out to swap disks.
4) reboot with option key to boot back into OSX
5) bootcamp with OEM gateway windows 98 failed as bootcamp only likes XP SP2 (RTFM)
6) Decided that installing windows on a beautiful Mac machine is sacriligeous anyway, so used bootcamp to delete the partition, threw the windows disks back into the cupboard for another day when i can be bothered making a 'slipstream' disk.
7) Restarted the Macbook a number of times with no trace of windows.
8) Convinced my better half that she can get by with a copy of bean for OSX rather than MSWORD.
9) Happily used aperture to work on photos for a few hrs.
10) This morning restarted the Mac, and got the DOS no bootable disk message.
11) Option reboot did not work, as the macbook partition was the only option and this is what was booting into the error message.
12) option booted again, but this time with my OSX disk (held my breath here as potentially could have had my osx disk stuck in my Macbook)
13) OSX from DVD booted (yay!)
14) selected the hard drive OSX installation as the start up disk.
15) Rebooted and it booted straight into OSX off the hard disk.
16) ejected my OSX disk and then did one more shut down and power on just to make sure.
17) seemingly back to normal.

So my question is...
a) what happened to my OSX partition that it still thought that windows was trying to boot - did bootcamp not fully erase remnants of the xp install?

b) What did I change by re-selecting the startup disk in OSX DVD boot - ie why was it different from trying to boot from option key selection?

Oh what a fun Sunday Morning!

12th February 2008, 07:35 PM
no ideas?

13th February 2008, 05:53 PM
I think Boot Camp sets the statup options to the DVD drive, which I think is what it does when you click 'Start Installation'.

Though this could be wrong, I don't know what'd happen if you left the formatted partition, quit the Boot Camp assistant, and elected to run the XP installation manually

(restart & hold option to select the XP disc)

This is probably all wrong though :-)