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8th February 2008, 02:43 AM
Update: Since posting, I decided to download the 10.5.1 installer from apple.com on the off chance it might fix the issue (since I remembered from somewhere it changed something to do with keychains). Well, when I opened Mail afterwards, Mail had been able to get access to the keychain and had already populated the password fields with the keychain data. So, if you ever experience a similar issue with Mail, or anything not pulling in data from the keychain, remember to try reinstalling the latest system update. It worked for me!


Okay, here's the story. Yesterday, with no reason (I hadn't installed anything except the iPhoto update, hadn't touched anything) Mail flashed up a box asking me for the password to access my Gmail IMAP. So, I type it in, and check the box to save it to the keychain, just in case. It gets the mail fine, but then one minute later when it check again, it wants the password again. So, I quit Mail and reopen - it asks for the password. I restart the computer, then open Mail. It asks for the password. I open Mail preferences and go to Accounts>Gmail, where I notice the password boxes for IMAP and SMTP are empty. So, I type them in there, save, close preferences, and then reopen them just to make sure the passwords were saved. And, guess what? The boxes are empty again. Somewhat annoyed, I delete the Gmail IMAP account from Mail, and set it back up from scratch, and it still doesn't remember my passwords. So, I fire up Time Machine, and get all my Mail messages, preferences, etc back to how they were several days ago. Reopen Mail - still won't remember the stupid passwords.

By now, I'd realised it was most likely a keychain issue, so I opened Keychain access, and did First Aid on the login keychain where the passwords were. Not surprisingly, it found several entries for SMTP and IMAP all made within the last few hours. So, first aid deleted all but one - but Mail still wanted me to type in the password, despite the fact that in the keychain entry, it said "Always allow access by these applications: Mail" So, I deleted all keychain entries for SMTP and IMAP, reenter it in Mail, but it is still refusing to remember it! Once again, I fired up Time Machine, and this time retrieved the login keychain from the day before when everything was normal. But guess what? Yep, Mail still wanted me to type in that password. So I repaired disk permissions (for which there were none, other than the stupid SUID warnings) but still nothing. I finally changed my Gmail password, and typed that into Mail, but it just won't store it within Apple Mail>Accounts. Even if I type it into Preferences>Accounts>Gmail, save, close the window, and reopen the preferences window straight away, it won't be there. In a final act of desperation to get rid of the annoying password boxes, I deleted my entire login keychain, restarted, opened Mail and still it won't remember the IMAP password.

I feel like I've tried and reset everything possible, without reinstalling the entire system! So please, if anyone out there could suggest something new to try, do. Thanks a lot!

(I'm using Apple Mail v3.1, 10.5.1, on a MacBook Pro 2.0GHz from April 2006)

8th February 2008, 06:09 AM
Resolved my X.5.1 Mail problems by booting from the install DVD and running Repair Permissions from there.

Be patient and go have a couple of cups of coffee as it takes about 20 minutes.