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6th February 2008, 11:38 PM
(It's M-day+1 month in our household and it's going great.)

Equipment= Macbook running leopard. Daughter uses this for school, who set up a user profile for her that uses Open Directory to sync on their network when she logs in there via wireless.
For ref below I'll call her home profile H and school profile S.

1. My (maybe) networking question :
She logged on as S this evening at home (so no school network connection of course) and showed me a few icons on the dock that show as question marks. And also that the dock was in Hide mode.
When she is at school, and goes System Prefs -> Dock to try and unhide it, she said the Dock dialog is all greyed out and cannot be modified. Any idea why this would happen?

2. My folder question:
This is a real noob question I know, but while I understand a bit about Leopard's folder structure, I'm still learning how it's used and displayed.

Can someone walk me through this simple task please:
Create a folder (eg. for her to save documents she creates at home under profile H) that will be accessible by all users on the computer (eg profile S when she is at school) . In other words, a publicly shared folder - and how does one set up links to it on the desktop?

Thanks in adv

PS: Does anyone know of any really good tutorial pages on Mac folder structure? - probably should be for Leopard as I gather some things have changed even since the prev version of the OS(?)

7th February 2008, 12:29 AM
She can create folders that are both private and part shared by simply moving selected files to the "shared" folder in MacintoshHD/Users/shared
Anything created in H .. can only be read by H unless you are admin of the same computer and know her password.

Command(Apple)/Shift/N creates a new folder in any directory you have permissions to do so in.

Links on the desktop are created by holding the folder with the icon you want to access visible in front while having the desktop visible in the background.. hold the command(apple)&option keys down whenever you want to create an alias anywhere.. and click the icon of choice and drag/drop it to the location.. in this case the desktop. ;) creates an alias anywhere you point it at.

Let us say you want to access something that isn't in the dock that is.. or you can simply drag the icon you want .. to the dock.

Icons that show up as ? marks are items that have been moved or deleted after the aliases were created in the dock.
These can simply be dragged off the dock to go poof for that is all they are now good for
once the link is broken an alias is useless unless you attempt to repair broken aliases.
The best way is to start anew.

to make an actual copy of the file on desktop or within any directory .. just use the option key.

The Command(Apple) key will help you do many things in combination with other keys
So command/F =finds things .. if you type the correct name ;) but make sure the desktop or the Apple finder icon is visible before you try.

If you have an application or a particular folder you want to access easily. the Dock and the Finder(desktop) are designed for that.

sorry for not adding links but it is late at night here.

all this can be found by entering select phrases from your questions into the search engine here.

Sorry for not answering in Leopard talk.. but I doubt any of this has changed.

8th February 2008, 03:24 AM
Ausmac, thanks for the reply - that cleared up a fair bit and even managed to answer a couple of questions that I hadn't yet asked..:-)

all this can be found by entering select phrases from your questions into the search engine here.

Yes, I have come to use/search the forum a lot for answers to my questions, but the folder answers have seemed to elude me (which is why the question about a good treatise on folders for switchers like me) My objective is to do things as much as possible like a comfortable mac user would, esp with regard to creating folders etc. Don't want to get a few months down the track and find I've set up structures that are dumb in mac-think...


8th February 2008, 02:50 PM
The dock may be locked in Parental Controls in the account. Is "S" an admin account, regular account or restricted account?

12th February 2008, 11:48 PM
Currawong, sorry for the delay in replying - been away.

The dock may be locked in Parental Controls in the account. Is "S" an admin account, regular account or restricted account?
The account is an admin account - which is why I was bemused by the restriction - but a day later she reported that it was all working again - which translates as: she could change the doc properties. Other dock oddities seemed to sort themselves out too, so that one's over, FWIW.

Now, if I may ask a forum-best-practice question please: Looking through the forum FAQ/rules or similar I noticed a suggestion that if one had further questions, keep them in the same thread rather than opening a new thread. Am I reading that right? It doesn't make sense to me (brimming with all sorts of questions, as I am) to ask a question on a different area - for example a question on security - here, when I have named this thread networking and folders...