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5th February 2008, 10:03 AM
Edit: was "anyone using ECamm Call Recorder for Skype video recording?"

Well, the title says it all.

For audio, I'd normally just use soundflower and soundstudio, but now have been asked to record a video, so I would appreciate anyone's comments/tips on getting the best possible quality out of video recording from Ecamm (or other solutions) and whether it would be suitable for inclusion in a keynote presentation,


6th February 2008, 07:05 AM
Anyone? Anything? No-one?


6th February 2008, 07:34 AM
I guess we're not familiar with ECamm.

The quick and dirty solution would be iShowU or SnapzProX, they could certainly record what was on the screen along with sound if desired.

6th February 2008, 01:00 PM
Hi coljac,

Thanks for your response. Ecamm just seemed like a doddle, if it works well enough, but I have snapzpro, so I might give it a test out.

If you've used it this way, can you tell me how the output from Skype looks when included in a keynote (or other) presentation and shown via a projector? i.e is the video worth having?

Unfortunately, I'm only going to get one shot at this and the interviewee is in Europe, has allocated us 1 hour of time and won't be available for any pre-testing before the interview.


6th February 2008, 01:17 PM
Unfortunately, I'm only going to get one shot at this and the interviewee is in Europe, has allocated us 1 hour of time and won't be available for any pre-testing before the interview.


Then have another person you know skype you and test it out. Doesn't have to be with the person you want to do it, but atleast test it with someone you know before the real thing happens.

6th February 2008, 01:45 PM
Thanks purana, I have a couple of tests like that all scheduled and under control with the interviewer, and that will help but I won't know what the interviewee will be using in terms of mic/headsets, video/webcam, internet connection & associated noise, latency, echo etc. at their end. Probably will all be swamped by the Skype "quality" anyway. C'est la vie! :)


7th February 2008, 06:04 PM
Anyone? Anything? No-one?


I know how you feel - I got zero replies to my question re Sheepshaver...

I didn't reply to this earlier as I have been away for a few days. If you just wanted to record audio, you could have a look at WireTap Studio from Ambrosia software. It can record anything that goes through your mac.

I have used an earlier version to record other stuff - they claim Studio is good for more sophisticated stuff, including recording interviews.

7th February 2008, 07:22 PM
Hi Albert,

Thanks for your reply. It's particularly apposite since I unexpectedly came across and stayed up late last night/early this morning watching the 1965 VFL GF on late night legends on ABC2. The game action seemed to move a lot quicker back then. Bloody sensational, I felt like a kid again!

Anyway, back OT, thanks for the advice on audio, I think I'm pretty well set-up on that side, being a longtime soundflower user, but I welcome your comments.

For anyone interested, I've done a couple of video tests today using an inbuilt mac webcam and a Sony DV cam, and both ADSL and Vodafone mobile connect internet on one end (ADSL at the other) and using Ecamm call recorder at the interviewers end to record the video.

I've got to say that skype and the vodafone mobile connect don't seem to get on too well. Many, many connection drop-outs were enjoyed by no-one(i.e. me). 512 ADSL with the Sony DV cam seemed to give reasonable performance. There are quite a few options for recording audio and video using the Ecamm software (many of them seem a bit pointless though) but very easy to use nonetheless. I haven't tried them all. Perhaps I should write-up a review later on? I was going to try Snapz Pro too, as I own it, but the trial version of the Ecamm s/w seemed to work well, so I didn't bother.

I still have until Monday to finalise, so I'm open to other suggestions, or hints on potential problems or solutions. I'm hoping to learn from others' fortunate or unfortunate experiences.

Cheers for the advice Albert and sorry I can't help you with sheepshaver either. Hope you caught the match last night.

8th February 2008, 12:36 PM
Hi g5agogo

I meant to edit that post yesterday but for some reason couldn't log back on to do so. I know you meant video record, not just audio, but forgot the name of the app i have used before for this. Its "Copernicus". Its a bit clunky, but basically you can capture video streaming to a particular area of the screen - it will save as a Quicktime movie.

It sounds like you have things under control - if you are happy with what you have, Copernicus may be too clunky for you.

Great to see you appreciate both history and footy! :cool: And yep, I have that GF on DVD.

14th February 2008, 10:47 PM
Just for anyone who's interested, I recorded the Skype video interview using ECamm Call Recorder. It appears to have done a nice job, including allowing me to split the local and remote audio tracks. It's simple & transparently easy to use, which is what you want when you're more worried about the content and production values. Recommended.

15th February 2008, 07:23 AM
try Jing

15th February 2008, 08:31 AM
Thanks lazidesi.

Jing looks interesting although I've got to say that since Call Recorder was so easy and integrates the audio and video in a single multichannel quicktime file, I'd still probably use that for my particular Skype recording application.

I'll certainly give it a a go though, and I'll be interested to see how it compares to snapzpro.