View Full Version : IceTV: Support for Ten HD and 7 HD is here

16th January 2008, 01:15 PM
Great News… for those lucky enough to have a High Definition Media Centre, PVR or Mac TV Tuner device, there is now full guide data for both 7HD & TenHD within the IceTV Guide for all IceTV users to enjoy!


The new guides come with an important note:

Please Note: While producing our own IceTV Guide listings for both 7HD & TenHD we noticed that there is still a vast amount of content simultaneously broadcasted on both the SD & HD Channels with the bulk of true HD TV Shows in the early afternoon and evening periods. We also noticed that some programs are beginning ahead of the scheduled time (for example 2 minutes before the hour), so we recommend that all IceTV Users use both pre-padding & post-padding when setting up recordings if they want to help guarantee that they get the entire program. We believe this is because there is still a lack of ‘fillers’ such as TV commercials or advertisements available for these Channels at their infancy, but as the Networks rollout more HD content this will soon settle down and become less of an issue.

The current IceTV widget should support these new channels perfectly (I've tested it here and can't see any issues). If not, the new widget isn't far off.