View Full Version : should I start from scratch?

8th January 2008, 06:22 AM
Just received my new Macbook Pro and proceeded to set it up. Cut a long story short, after sum indecision, I used Migration Assistant to bring cross my 'stuff' from my old ibook. This all worked kinda find except once completed I ended up with lots of 'doubles' in my Applications and a couple of other places. For instance - I had two Adobe Acrobat Readers - one labelled as per normal and the other with '(old computer)' - or something to that effect at the end of it. I went through and trashed the 'old computer' ones.

The machine is operating fine but I'm wondering how many other doubles are now running through my system - in some of the less obvious places? I don't like the idea of having a new machine with rubbish on it from day one.

I could format the drive and try again, leave it or just put 10.5 on it and reinstall everything else from scratch - painful, but clean. THe last one is time consuming, not my first choice but possibly the cleanest solution.

What's your thoughts?


8th January 2008, 06:34 AM
maybe use something like this?


8th January 2008, 06:37 AM
Just go through and delete the "(old computer)" versions and see how it goes. I doubt it's duplicated background processes, but if it seems sluggish too often, or problematic, then reformat.