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8th March 2005, 01:38 PM
Hi all
when the new osx tiger is released what benifits will it bring in performance, what changes will I notice at a g5 owner. and will the update be an automatic download or will you have to purchase it, basically as someone who mixes music and edits videos what will it do, will the interface be any different any info would be apreciated.

8th March 2005, 01:42 PM
Sadly nobody who has Tiger right now is allowed to talk about it. The interface will be very slightly different (Apple's web site goes into more detail) and it is widely assumed to be a pay-for-upgrade deal like the other recent OS X point releases.

Check out http://www.apple.com/macosx/tiger for info on new features like Spotlight, Dashboard, Automator and other new stuff.

8th March 2005, 02:08 PM
Hi, I have a small question about Tiger. Will i be able to run all the apps i run at the moment on Panther? Or will i have to wait for versions to be released for the new version of OS X?

8th March 2005, 02:38 PM
App compatibility shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.

I'm hearing two dates for Tiger at the moment, 31st March and 30th June... so in either case, you won't have much longer to wait for real answers to your questions!

8th March 2005, 04:01 PM
Originally posted by matttt88@Mar 8 2005, 03:08 PM
Hi, I have a small question about Tiger. Will i be able to run all the apps i run at the moment on Panther? Or will i have to wait for versions to be released for the new version of OS X?
Depending what kinda of apps you run today, most apps would be fine. The problems may occur in programs that use system plugins, for example, a add-on contextual menu from a download program in Safari might cause Safari to crash in the new version.

As for the benefits - these are my 3 favs.

- Spotlight. Redefines finding, searching, and browsing for files on the computer. For the first time you can get to your files super fast and organize them easily to the way YOU want.

- Dashboard. Don't you hate it when you have to open the calculator to do some sums, and then go online to find a definition for a word, and open iCal to see you appointments, and open itunes to change music? With Dashboard you do all that with one click.

- CoreImage. Stuff you see in Apple's Motion app built into the system - for every app to take advantage of. What use to take minutes to do in Photoshop can now happen in real time if you have a good graphics card.

http://www.apple.com/macosx for more. ;)

8th March 2005, 04:21 PM
Most of the changes in Tiger will be 'under the hood.' Except for Dashboard and the Spotlight interface it will look almost identical to Panther (with the odd change here and there).

On a fresh install the only real performance difference you'll probally notice between Tiger and Panther is the search speeds due to Spotlight.

Two other large imporvements will be core image and 64 bit libraries. Although you might not notice a difference in the OS, you will notice the difference when developers start using these technologies.

There will also be small changes to some of Apple's existing apps and some new apps, but nothing too dramatic.

Of course this is merely an educated guess as I have never used or seen Tiger. :P

8th March 2005, 07:14 PM
As a G5-owner, Tiger will suit you down to the ground.

Not only is it going to be faster for everybody (it's now being compiled with the newer GCC version 4 which provides auto-vectorisation functions which, in some vector-based calculations, will provide substantial performance increases, as well as general code-optimisation). From what I hear, the developer seeds are as fast or faster than Panther on comparable compatible systems, and that's without the removal of debug code there for the OS developers (the last thing to be finished up and removed before commercial release).

It's also going to have, as feeze mentioned, 64-bit libraries, making it optimised for the 64-bit architecture of the G5 chips.

Then, on top of all that, you as a video producer will get the power of the new H.264 codec (the power behind DVD2 and BluRay technologies) as part of Quicktime 7 (so far considered to be a Tiger-only release).

Then you get CoreVideo; a set of functions that the OS knows how to offload onto compatible GPUs on compatible video cards making it very easy for software developers to utilise more complex effects and functions in video (much the same as the new CoreImage will do for still images). It will also likely result in updated versions of all the major video and image software (FCP, iMovie, Photoshop) which will be optimised to take advantage of this highly effective system of performing filters and effects.

Add to that Spotlight which makes finding things on your machine easy, fast and almost trivial. It even allows you to save searches as a so-called "Smart Folder" - a folder which contains all the files on your machine which satisfy certain rules (all MPEG movies for example).

Then you get the more user-friendly UI for AppleScripting - Automator, which is going to make repetitive tasks a thing of the past.

Don't forget Dashboard either! It'll give you quick access to things like a Notepad, a Calculator, Stickies, World Time. Give www.thedashboarder.net a look for more.

There are literally hundreds of improvements to be had.

For some more info, check out www.tigertracker.net

Also, aeberbach was incorrect in saying people aren't allowed to talk about it - the NDA that ADC Select and Premium members agree to prevents them from publishing content from Tiger (screenshots, etc), but any developer who has a Tiger build is usually more than happy to provide you with info about the release.

App compatibility with Panther is, as mentioned by Phillip, pretty much guaranteed, so long as you're not relying on system-specific files and settings (most programs that won't work on Tiger are the ones that need to be updated for every revision of Panther (i.e. 10.3.8)).

As for release date... well we're still getting another revision to Panther, 10.3.9 which has been seeded to developers, so I wouldn't be expecting Tiger TOO soon.

Although developers have commented on how close to finished the OS seems to be (with the inclusion in recent builds of the new Wallpaper sets). As with all the previous OS revisions, though, I recommend waiting until at least v10.4.1 comes out (where the bugs that weren't spotted before the public release get ironed out).

12th March 2005, 12:07 PM
With news today Tiger is not far of at all.
I ask the question what would tiger have to contain and do to make you shell out the $200+ for the upgrade??

12th March 2005, 12:27 PM
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17th March 2005, 12:55 PM
Does anyone know if they have fixed up the faxing capabilities from panther (i.e. does it give you a log of activity, and the ability to add headers and resend faxes etc)

17th March 2005, 01:15 PM
Originally posted by Currawong@Mar 12 2005, 12:27 PM
I ask the question what would tiger have to contain and do to make you shell out the $200+ for the upgrade??
For me, it was Tiger that convinced me to switch, rather than it being 200 bucks of expected enhancements to Panther. I'm just biding my time...

I suppose I can be more specific: Spotlight looked fantastic, but less glamorous now that Copernic and the rest have release Win alternatives (I use Copernic frequently, and it has justified itself over and over). The CoreImage looks fab-o, assuming it runs well. The UI looked awesome - I had no idea at the time that much of it was Panther + extras like the dashboard.

It's all good. :)

17th March 2005, 01:56 PM
Does anyone know if there will be big changes to Core Audio and any effect on VST's and AU's?

17th March 2005, 03:30 PM
when the new osx tiger is released what benifits will it bring

...to a current model 12" iBook user?

being new to the mac game.....

In the windows world, new OS means new hardware (98->2000, 2000->XP). Generally speaking to get the most from the new OS you needed the latest and greatest.

Will this be the case with Tiger?