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23rd December 2007, 11:27 AM
Hello everyone,
I've recently purchased my first ever Mac after a long time of indecision and i'm now starting to find out that some free programs I used on my PC don't appear to be available for Macs of any kind.

One of my favourite things is to convert my LP/Tape collection into CD's.

On my PC I used some very simple programs to copy LP's to my hard drive
1."LP RIPPER" by CFBSOFTWARE to copy track/s off an input source like a turntable or tape recorder.
2 'AUDACITY' as a wav editor to trim and clean up the tracks
3 'NERO' (oem) to finally burn the finished tracks to a CD.
4. Finally, I used free templates from AMF Software to create CD covers.
(Far simpler to understand than the Cover program that came with Nero)

I've checked the net and 1 & 4 above are the type of program I need but don't appear to support Mac OSX.

What I want is are simple easy to use programs to create CD covers and copy analogue files from any source.
I was a happy chappy doing my thing on my PC but being led to believe iMacs do it better, I changed and now am having second thoughts.
I make these remarks without knowing Toast 8 which i have been told is a very good program. However i was looking at freeware. LP RIPPER & AUDACITY came loaded on magazine CD's and AMF I discovered while surfing for a simple CD jewel case cover template. They all do exactly what I want.

Does anybody have any solutions ? I've just spent $2000 and I've still got more things to buy so I'm trying to cut back when freeware will often do just the job I want. Or will Toast do everything as I've described. As far as I know iTunes will convert to mp3 and set the tracks up for burning, all the preparation has to be done by other software.

Can anyone please help?

23rd December 2007, 11:43 AM
Can't help you much with the creation of cd covers but if your happy using audacity why don't you use that record instead of LP Ripper. You can get Audacity for Mac too.

I don't use Audacity myself as it crashes all the time for me and it can't put markers in to split tracks. I use Sound Studio instead - a program that I am very happy with, although it costs around $80.

Toast has CD spin doctor bundled with it which will look after the recording and splitting the tracks side of things while Toast will burn the CD's. It has another program bundled in it to do cases (which I have never used). If you are going to use mac - you should really have toast anyhow as it does so many useful things.

CD spin doctor has a simple interface which enables you to split the tracks very quickly. I don;t use it as it does not exactly suit my needs.

Hope that helps a bit!

Oh - and your right - itunes will can be used to burn the cd's if you don;t want to use toast.

23rd December 2007, 11:50 AM
You can record tapes/lp's with garageband which will export them straight to itunes where you can burn to CD. Simple and free.

Toast also has comes with Discus which is a CD cover maker

23rd December 2007, 06:03 PM
Audacity is available for OSX but as Midnight said, it's not all that stable. Try using GarageBand, as it's free with your new Mac, but if you don't like it have a look at two shareware options, FeltTip Sound Studio and Amadeus II (the latter is trialware, slightly cheaper, and in my opinion the better of the two programs).

I've never bothered with cover-art when I do my LP-to-CD conversions (the disc just goes straight into my wallets) so I can't help you there.

23rd December 2007, 06:52 PM
i use garageband to do the same thing for work. works easy no hasle and seems to sound good too (i do stuff for supemarkets doesnt ever have to be 100% but its great quality