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5th April 2004, 01:42 PM
I'm on record here before stating that Garage Band is the killer app on my Mac, but who else is using it creatively enough to go public?

Also, where are the places you're hosting your tunes, and what are the tricks you're using to publicise them?

I'm hosting www.MacIDOL.com (hosting, playcount), a truly killer little community at least as good as here at ATAU, but some of the other sites in no particular order, and by no means a definitive list, are...

www.iCompositions.com (hosting, ratings and playcount)
www.tuneyard.com (hosting, ratings)
www.MacJams.com (hotlinking, ratings)
www.MacBand.com (hotlinking, ratings)

Lets hear it, who are the aussies out there, what are your tunes and where are they stored (or hotlinked from)