View Full Version : Bootcamp on Mac Pro

15th December 2007, 06:32 PM
Hello all. Been having grief installing XP and also tried Vista onto my Mac Pro. Am trying to get it onto an internal drive I have in the second optical bay. I have 4 Raptors striped together in the regular bays, and whenever I try use bootcamp from there is comes up with an error along the lines of "cannot use an external drive to boot bootcamp" despite the fact that they are the internal drives. I dont even want to use the RAID set to run bootcamp, I want to partition the 5th drive in the second optical bay. So I have put a copy of 10.5 onto the 5th drive and booted from that, all good, lets me partition it but when I reboot into the Windows CD it doesnt see the 5th drive. Will show the 4 RAID units, but that is it. Have tried unplugging those 4 and it still wont see it. Any ideas from the more Windows savvy people out there?