View Full Version : Login Screen Loop of Death...

8th December 2007, 10:22 AM
So heres the story..

iMac was sleeping last night, wicked storm came thru and cut the power at one stage. Go to turn the iMac on this morning, loads to the point that the login screen should show, but instead it just fades back to light blue with the spinning cog...over, and over....and over again, actual login window never appears

loaded in verbose mode, gets to the point of opening the loginwindow.app, goes blue, then goes back to the black screen with the cursor and attempts to load the .app again after a few goes it complains about some fonts, then tries again

I know a re-install is on the horizon :mad: but if anyone has other suggestions??? (or if its happened to anyone else?)

its a CD iMac - the first intel rev. my mac mini which was sleeping also at the time is unaffected

8th December 2007, 10:39 AM
shoulda done a few more things before I posted...

booted off the leopard DVD, reset my password and repaired disk permissions (dont think the 2nd did anything tho)

voila, its back! ;)