View Full Version : Can OS X access shared folders over wireless?

30th November 2007, 04:18 AM
I'm buying my daughter a Macbook for chrissy. She's not too good with computers so I'll be setting it up for her, but I've never used OS X. I just wanted to know something...

I've got a WinXP machine with shared folders connected to a router by cable. She'll be connected to the same router wirelessly. If I set the Macbook to be in the same workgroup, will she be able to access all the shared folders properly?

And since they're NTFS, will the Mac be able to read them?

Thanks in advance.

30th November 2007, 04:56 AM
Yes. That will work fine.

On the mac you connect with smb protocol. Something like smb:\\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to the ip address of the XP machine using the connect to server menu.

NTFS is the file system that the XP machine uses to read files off the hard drive, but this makes no difference to how it sends files to other computers such as your mac.