View Full Version : Networking Leopard and VIsta

11th November 2007, 10:34 PM
I couldnt get networking going between the 2, but i wasnt really desperate for it since i x-fered files from pc to mac via external hard drive.

Now the decisions been made, we will keep the PC as a family media computer in the loungeroom, hooked up to the LCD. so i figured i will link them all up.

I found a few guides to do this but none reflect some of the changes in Leopard, they all reffer to Tiger OS. Has anybody done this successfully and what are the tricks??

I've followed this guide for example:

But some of the things mentioned in there are for tiger and not leopard. I'm not able to see the mac on windows or windows on mac no matter what i do.

Current setup;

I've got a Linksys WRT54G (ver. 3 one of the better ones) internet-fed by a Moto SB5101 Optus Cable

iMac and the PC are linked to it via LAN cable. PC being future WAN.

Thanks ahead

12th November 2007, 05:58 PM
So anyone have any ideas, i really need to get this going.
Main thing is, i cannot seem to see the mac on my pc's network window or vice-versa... I have file sharing turned on in windows, and i've made sure (to the best of my knowledge) that the workgroup name's are the same.

Other than that i really have no idea where i'm going wrong.