View Full Version : Security update 001 2005 & Midi (esp M-Audio)

26th February 2005, 12:51 PM
Hi Guys

Just a quick warning not to run the security update (2005 001) as it has been widely reported (see below) that it screws with your midi especially if you're running m-audio products. It certainly stuffed mine, and I've done an archive & install back to 10.3.7 to fix it and now it's happy again!

It was basically causing the midi connection to shag itself after about 10-15 seconds of use, and attempts in re-config'ing the Audio Midi Setup utility simply meant that the untility crashes.

If you're having problems, drop back to 10.3.7 using the COMBI update - not via the automated software update - this seems to fix the problem.

Sure Apple will sort it for a future update, and although I thought it might be a m-audio driver issue, people have been having problems across the board. For the time being I'll certainly be sticking to 10.3.7 WITHOUT any installing the new updates.

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