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8th November 2007, 10:08 AM
Thought you guys would like to know that 10.5.1 is now being seeded to developers.

Heres the jib from Mac Rumours

As expected, Apple has started seeding Mac OS 10.5.1 to developers for testing. The latest seed carries a build number of 9B13 and offers a number of fixes.

Apple details a number of issues addressed in the seed. Specifically, there have been fixes to Mail Sync, Spotlight Index, Disk Management, DesktopServices and moving files across partitions, Text Drawing, iCal and CalDAV syncing, Keychain login, Read-Only Issue with SMB, AirPort 802.1X, Application Firewall, To-Do Notes, and Smart Mailboxes. This list of issues, however, is never exhaustive, so other bugs may have also been addressed in this seed. The seed is only available to ADC developers, and not yet available to the general public.

Apple released Mac OS X Leopard on October 26th and sold over 2 million copies in the first weekend. There have been some vocal complaints about bugs in the first version of Mac OS X 10.5.

source : http://www.macrumors.com/2007/11/07/apple-seeds-mac-os-x-10-5-1-9b13/

8th November 2007, 10:28 AM
Well iSlayer, myself and a couple of others were right with Wed 7th prediction of a patch.. unfortunately its for devs only... doh!

8th November 2007, 07:02 PM
Doesn't count then!
Has to be released to the masses!!!! ;)

8th November 2007, 07:17 PM
Disko and Danamania already said its going to take 2 years *sigh*

8th November 2007, 07:21 PM
whats going to take 2 yrs?

8th November 2007, 07:32 PM
10.5.1.. Ask Disko, he'll tell you

8th November 2007, 07:40 PM
why on earth would 10.5.1 take two years.
I'm so confused!

8th November 2007, 07:42 PM
why on earth would 10.5.1 take two years.
I'm so confused!

Ask Disko, he'll tell you :P