View Full Version : [download] updated leopard buttons for newsfire

6th November 2007, 10:44 PM
Hey there all! Got sick of looking at those fugly aqua buttons, and the off-centre glyphs in the lower buttons, so I have made some leopard metal buttons to tide us over until Dave updates it (hopefully to 2.0)... anyways, enjoy peeps! Oh, and i replaced the folder icons to match leopard's as well!

(If any of you actually use the media player built into newfire, I will update the media controls, so if you do, holler.)

http://graphicdznr.com/snaps/leopardnewsfire.png (http://graphicdznr.com/vault/nov07/LeopardNewsFireResources.zip)
clicketh for download

Forgot to mention: To install, right click on NewsFire.app, click "Show Package Contents" and drop all of my new resources into the "Resources" folder within "Contents".