View Full Version : iStat Menus question

5th November 2007, 04:52 AM
First off, congrats on one of the coolest Mac apps out there. From functionality to the UI this this is brilliant!

Question: I have an Airport Disk on my network that IS NOT seen by iStat Menus BUT IT IS seen by the iStat Pro 4.2 widget! Since I prefer not to use the widget (I rarely use them), any chance of iStat Menus having this functionality?

Wish: In the Network menu… I think reporting Peak Bandwidth is cool but I'd be more interested in an Average Bandwidth to see how my connection is performing over time.

Once again, thanks for a cool product. (A donation will be heading your way soon :D)

5th November 2007, 08:39 PM
iStat menus doesnt support any form of network drives. The reason is the potential to freeze the menubar if there is a stale network share. If iStat pro encountered a stale network share it would just freeze but not affect anything else. But if it happens in a menu extra then all other menu extras would be frozen which is not something we want to happen