View Full Version : iStat Menus preferences not available

4th November 2007, 03:29 AM
I am having trouble opening iStat Menus preference pane since updating to 10.5. All of my custom menus were still working, but when I try and open preferences, it tells me "You cannot open iStat menus preferences because it does not work on an Intel-based mac". I had no trouble opening preferences in 10.4 on the same computer (an Intel-based iMac).

I have tried uninstalling all of the iStat components I could find, removing the iStat menus from my menubar and reinstalling, but I still have the same problem. On startup, it also reminds me that I do not have the most recent version, but I have 1.2 installed.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance for the help,