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3rd November 2007, 09:44 PM

I'm packing my dacks right now because, in the middle of some pretty tightly-scheduled work, my mac (macbook 2.0Ghz C2D, 2gb, 10.4.10) went and crashed on me!

I had just installed some fonts from dafont.com and then switched into illustrator CS3. I added some text (not yet using the font) and got the beachball, so just kind of sat there impatiently. Before I could even blink illustrator (and i think maybe indesign) had also crashed with no warning..
I got shunted to the desktop and a lot of little windows popped up :

(http://www.norobots.net.au/jeremy/crash-nov-3/Picture%2023.png) (A PNG screenshot, 285 K, not resized)

Terrified, I reopened illustrator and saw that I'd saved my work only a few minutes ago. I kept working away and basically repeated the steps above, when - again, no warning - i got the blue screen (like the login blue screen) and, after a few seconds, saw the login window and was able to log back into OS X.

I jumped back into adium where i was berated for rudely leaving the conversation and then, panicking, decided to shut down. I booted from my OS X install DVD and verified/repaired permissions - it looks like nothing needed to be repaired. I booted back into OS X and am now here, frantically typing this and uploading a cut+paste from system.log (http://www.norobots.net.au/jeremy/crash-nov-3/crash.system.log.txt).

Now I'm not bright enough to know what I'm looking for in this log, so what do you guys think happened? It looks like font book crashed, but I can't understand how all the apps were taken out with it. How can I fix it, or avoid it happening in future?



3rd November 2007, 10:09 PM
Going off your crashlog, FontBook is the first to go crashing down - have you tried removing the new fonts, and/or resetting the Font Cache?

Manual font cache cleaning:


... there are also a few OS X utilities that do this too.


3rd November 2007, 10:30 PM
Run Leopard Cache Cleaner (was Tiger Cache Cleaner) - particularly the option to clean caches. Medium clean i think does it. When the ATS server, that is the Apple Type Server crashes, it takes out all your applications with it. Dodgy fonts or a screwed cache will cause it to crash.

3rd November 2007, 10:35 PM
Definitely sounds like corrupt fonts or font cache as already suggested. Just some insight, i'll bet it's taking out WindowServer, because when the window server crashes the system automatically logs you out.

4th November 2007, 09:38 PM
Thanks guys. You know I woke up this morning and had completely forgotten about resetting/clearing the font cache, so never got around to it - and I've been doing all of the same stuff most of today and there hasn't been a problem.
I'll bookmark those links and instructions guys - as I'm likely to need them again eventually.. :)

Thanks again,