View Full Version : Battery/Power Issue After Leopard Upgrade

1st November 2007, 07:23 AM
I'm using a MacBook Pro 15" C2D 2.16GHz with 2GB RAM bought last Nov. Normally I leave it powered down, recharging, overnight and run it on battery first thing in the morning for 1-3 hrs. Later in the day it runs on a mixture of mains and battery power. It has always worked fine until this morning. This morning when I disconnected the charger and picked up the machine I noticed the bottom was warm, like it had been running, even though it had been powered off all night. I then pushed the power button - and nothing happened. Nothing, not a sound, not a flicker. Pushed it again, this time for a couple of seconds, still nothing. Turned it over and pushed the charge indicator button - five green LEDs. Removed battery and carefully checked in for swelling or distortion - nothing. Put battery back in and pressed the power button and up it came! I'm writing this on it and all seems okay now, though I haven't shutdown/restarted it again yet.

The only change to the machine was yesterday when I upgraded it from 10.4.10 to Leopard. The upgrade (in place, not archive and install) went well and I spent most of the day testing apps, cursing the stupid stacks implementation and stuff. I ran it on both mains and battery power for periods during the day. I don't think I did a cold boot on batteries at any time after the upgrade, just sleep/wake and reboots while on the mains. Last night before retiring I did a full SuperDuper backup to my external FW disk. Given the whole new OS, etc. I decided to erase and recreate the existing incremental backup from scratch on the ext drive. This took forever - over 4 hours (for 50+ GB) but eventually finished and I disconnected the ext drive, shutdown the MBP normally, powered everything off and went to bed leaving MBP connected to the charger overnight.

N.B. With Leopard I also bought a new Apple aluminium keyboard (USB) and prior to upgrading to Leopard yesterday I downloaded the Apple Keyboard Update and installed it under 10.4.10, all seemed to go fine and the keyboard worked flawlessly both before and after upgrading to Leopard.

Maybe it's all just an amazing coincidence. Maybe. I'll go away and try a shutdown/restart and see if the problem recurs. I'd better test the G4 PB I upgraded to Leopard yesterday (and didn't charge overnight) too...